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Drugs and Guns and Laws.. Oh My!

A good thing to know, especially if you are a gun carrying Arkansan, is that if you have a felony amount of narcotics and a firearm that you are subject to Arkansas Code Annotated 5-74-106. Simultaneous Possession of Drugs and Firearms (herein referred to as “Simultaneous”), a Class Y felony in the State of Arkansas punishable by 10-40 years in prison or Life without the possibility of parole, and/or up to a $25,000.00 fine. Now this law has a few different facets, however with the recent changes to Arkansas law regarding marijuana I have decided to discuss what I would call the “iron circle of simultaneous possession”.

Are Arkansans Getting Carried Away? (with gun rights)

There has been a lot of talk about the "technical corrections" made to the offense 5-73-120, carrying a weapon.. Most of this talk concerns whether or not open carry now exists in Arkansas, despite a bill allowing such not passing during the same year in which the "technical corrections" bill did pass. The new law is already in effect and has been since July. Prior to the new changes coming into effect, the Attorney General of the State of Arkansas issued an opinion

The Quest For Open Carry in Arkansas

On Tuesday, February, 28, 2013, a bill to allow handguns to be openly carried in Arkansas made its way to the House Judiciary Committee.  Although the bill originally called for open carry of handguns with few restrictions, the version that was voted on by the House Judiciary Committee had been watered down to the point of simply asking for the open carry of handguns in non-incorporated areas (meaning outside city limits) and protecting Arkansas citizens with valid Concealed Carry Licenses (CCL) from being prosecuted in the event they inadvertently display their concealed carry weapon.

No Armor For You (Felon)

It is illegal under Arkansas law for a person convicted of the following crimes to possess body armor (bullet proof body armor to be specific):

  (1) Capital murder, § 5-10-101;

   (2) Murder in the first degree, § 5-10-102;

   (3) Murder in the second degree, § 5-10-103;

   (4) Manslaughter, § 5-10-104;

   (5) Aggravated robbery, § 5-12-103;

   (6) Battery in the first degree, § 5-13-201; or

   (7) Aggravated assault, § 5-13-204.

Misdemeanor Conviction = No Guns For Life

Many people do not know this, but it is unlawful for any person who has been convicted of a misdemeanor crime of domestic violence (in Arkansas the most common misdemeanor domestic violence crime is domestic battery in the third degree), to possess a firearm. This is a federal statute, which means that it supersedes any relevant state statute to the contrary. What the statute means is that if a person has been found guilty or have plead guilty/no contest to a crime of domestic violence (even a misdemeanor) that person has lost the right to possess a fire arm for life.